What Causes Tooth Swelling? 3 Reasons for Swelling in the Mouth

Looking for information on tooth swelling? If there is any swelling in your mouth, then you need to find out what is going on as soon as possible. The swelling can be due to many things, which means it can be a minor or major dental issue. Minor mouth swelling issues can include things like eating a piece of food that scratches the gums or missing a piece of food when flossing that is now causing irritation. Major mouth swelling issues can include an infected tooth or gum disease.

What causes tooth swelling?

There are quite a few reasons someone’s mouth would swell. This makes it necessary for everyone to understand what the causes are, as a swelling mouth is not a healthy mouth.

Mouth swelling reason #1 — gum disease. Not properly taking care of one's teeth and gums can lead to a gum disease diagnosis. When the teeth and gums are not properly cleaned, the lingering plaque and tartar will eventually cause oral problems like swelling and can even lead to a bacterial infection.

Mouth swelling reason #2 — vitamin deficiency. It is important for everyone to get their daily dose of vitamins, as a vitamin deficiency can cause the gums to swell. Vitamin B and vitamin C are two of the more important ones necessary for natural teeth and gum repair.

Mouth swelling reason #3 — being pregnant. When someone is pregnant, it directly affects their hormones, which often increases the blood flow to the mouth. This increase in blood flow can cause the gums to become more sensitive, which in turn can lead to their becoming swollen.

Can we help you?

If we can help you by answering any tooth swelling questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you are able to do so. Our entire dental team truly cares about your oral health, and for that reason, we always make ourselves available to those who have questions about their oral health. Whether the swelling you are experiencing is minor or major, you need to be aware of what is happening in your mouth so you can prevent it from happening again. We are here for you if you need us!

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