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The Possibilities Beyond Dentures

If you’re deciding that the time to restore your smile is near and you’re looking for a solution that offers more freedom than dentures, Campbell Smile can provide the transformation you desire. Full mouth dental implants with a zirconia fixed bridge in Campbell, California is the superior solution for replacing many or all missing teeth. The dental team at Campbell Smile prioritizes function and aesthetics equally, therefore fabricating your full arch smile replacement from a block of zirconia. Zirconia is a biocompatible material that is durable and receptive to color matching artistry which helps us achieve a completely natural smile for you. Unlike acrylic dentures or other full arch fabrications, a zirconia fixed bridge will not stain, fracture, or require constant adjustments. A zirconia fixed bridge secured by several dental implants is the top choice for your permanent smile restoration. Say goodbye to your toothless grin and refill your smile, your confidence, and your comfort.

Why Choose a Zirconia Fixed Bridge?

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Functional Longevity

What good is a smile that cannot withstand regular bites and chews well into the future? A zirconia fixed bridge has unrivaled durability and is compositionally comparable to natural teeth. Since a zirconia fixed bridge is milled from a single block of zirconia, there is less of a chance for fracture. Zirconia shares physical properties with titanium metal while having the aesthetic properties of porcelain. Traditionally, dentures and other hybrids combined porcelain teeth with an acrylic (plastic) base, creating a weak foundation that would eventually require high maintenance. Zirconia bridges can withstand wear and when permanently attached to dental implants, zirconia teeth rival natural smiles for strength, lifespan, and visual appeal.
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A Permanently Attractive Smile

When it comes to smiles, strength is functionally important, but aesthetics make the transformation emotional. A bridge made from zirconia has the color and translucence of natural teeth. These features are hard to replicate with other materials in dentistry and Campbell Smile is proud to offer you the most customizable restoration possible. Unlike acrylic and porcelain, Zirconia is smooth, nonporous and this polished surface can shine for a lifetime. Not to mention, zirconia is comfortable and even sounds like natural teeth when brushed across a fork or tapped against a wine glass. When you choose a zirconia fixed bridge in Campbell, CA, our skilled cosmetic dentist can exceed your expectations.

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What’s the Cost of A Zirconia Full Arch?

Campbell Smile offers zirconia fixed bridges in Campbell, CA because we’ve seen the truly life-changing impact a quality full mouth restoration can have on California residents. The effects that full arch dental implants bring to individuals struggling with incomplete smiles is priceless. These natural-looking restorations transform lives, and that is why we are committed to deploying the most innovative and progressive full mouth restoration strategies available in dentistry. It is not in our nature to compromise on the materials we use for procedures. Although lesser expensive options exist, this cost is reflected in the quality. Therefore, we choose simplicity, simply the best for you. When you decide on a zirconia bridge you can expect decades of smile satisfaction. Prices for this restoration will be dependent on your specific oral health situation, the number of teeth being replaced, as well as the number of implants being placed. Although we cannot quote a price until we complete a consultation, you can expect us to make this treatment as affordable as possible. As always, Campbell Smile continues to partner with insurance providers and independent financing companies, to make paying for care accessible and achievable.

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