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A Healthy Option for a Tooth Beyond Repair

You’ve noticed it for a few months now, the lingering tooth pain after you drink something hot. The sharp ‘zing’ when you bite down too hard. Chronic tooth pain including a persistent toothache is often due to damage, decay, or infection. This irritation can happen on the surface of the tooth or deep into the roots. Warning signs may include severe tooth pain, swollen gums around an irritated tooth, a sharp pain while chewing, or jaw stiffness near the problem tooth. If you are experiencing a severe toothache and need a tooth extraction in Campbell, California, Campbell Smile will guide you through a treatment plan proven to alleviate persistent toothaches.

Stages of the Tooth Extraction Process

A root canal is often the first attempt at resolving the issue. At Campbell Smile, we will explore conservative treatments to save your tooth first. If in fact, we determine a tooth is incurable, extraction of the tooth can ensure your mouth returns to healthy.
Tooth extraction is considered oral surgery and can certainly be a nerve-inducing decision to consider. Our goal is to return your mouth to its healthy state by removing the source of your pain. Before removing any teeth, we will do our best to make you feel comfortable and well informed about the upcoming procedure. Then, using specialized dental tools, we gently extract your tooth. You can expect the treatment site to be fully numb with a localized anesthetic which is standard for this procedure. Fortunately, you will have the option to choose between our sedation services, to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible. Procedures at Campbell Smile are aided by a suite of modern dental tools and technologies, further helping us to complete your tooth extraction in Campbell, CA.

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A Permanent Solution to Replace an Extracted Tooth

Many of our patients elect to receive dental implants following the extraction of a tooth or several teeth. Dental implants provide a permanent and lasting function by looking, feeling, and acting just like real teeth. Using guided technology, our implant dentist can provide tooth replacement options, including a single dental implant or multiple dental implants. Ask us about this restorative option at your extraction consultation.

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