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Treat Tooth Pains as Warning Signs

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Eliminate A Persistent Toothache

When tooth pain lingers for longer than you can ignore or you experience sharp or sudden pain while biting or chewing, the health of your tooth is probably compromised. Oftentimes the earliest sign of a damaged tooth is sensitivity to cold or hot foods. If you’re experiencing a toothache, consider it a sign that infection could be present and don’t wait any longer. Let Campbell Smile diagnose the damage and resolve the infection. The damaged pulp inside the tooth can be the result of a severe tooth fracture, injury to a tooth, or extensive tooth decay. When left untreated, the infection will cause continued aches, an abscess, and eventually a tooth extraction. If you’re experiencing any noticeable symptoms, get ahead of the issue by exploring your solutions!

Endodontics Remedy Deep Dental Issues

Our dentist at Campbell Smile is trained and experienced in providing endodontic treatment including root canals in Campbell, CA. Root canals remove the dangerous infection and inflammation inside your tooth. Don’t let the stigma surrounding this common procedure cause you to put off this necessary treatment. When we offer root canals in Campbell, CA they are designed to comfortably eliminate your tooth pain, not cause more. Ultimately, we strive to save your natural tooth and halt any further decay. We partner with leading insurance providers to make the affordability of this treatment painless and easy.

Treat Pain with Endodontics

Root canal therapy in Campbell, CA involves removing a portion of the tooth crown to gain access to the pulp chamber and clear out all the infection, bacteria, and damaged pulp and tissues. Disinfecting and cleaning the canals is the next step before filling them with a hardening material call gutta-percha. The tooth will then be sealed to keep bacteria from entering the chamber and root canal and covered with a dental crown to ensure it remains strong and functional after treatment.

Infected tooth and abcess

Tooth cleaned and shaped

Root filling replaced

Permanent filling or crown placed

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Benefiting from Root Canal Therapy

Once your root canal at Campbell Smile is complete, you’ll be able to return to a comfortable and functional lifestyle again with no further toothaches. We’ll provide the necessary aftercare instructions to ensure your recovery is fast and healthy. In general, you can expect the following benefits from treatment:

Is it Time to Finally End that Toothache?

Find out if a root canal can is the fix you need.