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The dentist has a certain stigma that we’re all quite familiar with. Although people understand the importance of dental care they still choose to avoid it. At Campbell Smile we are working to eliminate the stigma of trips to the dentist by showing each one of our patients how comfortable and welcoming dental upkeep can be. If you haven’t seen a dentist in a while, know that our practice is a judgment-free zone with treatments and solutions available to aid you. We have spent over 20 years building a positive relationship with Campbell, California residents while changing the tired stereotype of the dreaded dentist. With technology at an all-time high, it’s a great time to take control of your oral health and all the advancements of the industry available at our practice. Today, dental care is predictable and minimally invasive, let Campbell Smile show you the difference.

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Dr. Vuppala and Dr. Carol McCutcheon

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At Campbell Smile, we have a team made up of various dental professionals with the appropriate training and experience necessary to perform specialized treatments. Whether you need a simple procedure like teeth cleaning with a dental hygienist or you require something more specialized like a root canal, orthodontics, or wisdom tooth extraction, we can provide preventative and restorative treatments. Keeping this expertise in-house will save you and your family time and energy. Instead of visiting multiple offices to receive the care you need, we have the experience conveniently under one roof. It is our mission to make dentistry an accessible priority for the members of the Campbell, CA community, we have members on our team who will file insurance claims on your behalf or find the best available financing so you can receive the care you need. We’re here to help you and your smile!

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