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Replacing Teeth and Transforming Smiles

How long has it been since you felt truly confident smiling? Ate more than a soft food diet? Didn’t feel oral pain or discomfort? Suffering from many failing or missing teeth can take both a physical and emotional toll on you. We understand how difficult it is to live every day without a complete and attractive smile that functions comfortably. We can help put an end to your painful and discouraging symptoms with full mouth solutions that fit your lifestyle, smile goals, and budget! From dentures to full mouth dental implants in Campbell, CA, our prestigious team at Campbell Smile provides you with a treatment plan personalized to what you want, with an outcome that truly transforms your life by improving your function, health, and confidence.

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Consider Your Options

There are three solutions available for replacing all your failing or missing teeth: traditional dentures, implant supported dentures, and permanent full mouth dental implants. Dentures are initially the most affordable option although they aren’t a long-term solution. Over time dentures may cause more problems and discomfort. Implant supported dentures are dentures attached to dental implants that provide greater stability and function. Full mouth dental implants are the top choice solution for full arch restorations. This is where we permanently replace all your failing or missing teeth using four or more dental implants as the foundation. While dentures are a solution for missing teeth, it’s important to know that more biocompatible and comfortable options are available. Our cosmetic and implant dentist in Campbell, California, is specifically trained in providing dental implants and has spent many years training and placing these life-changing smile solutions. Dentures are not the only option anymore; we remain available to discuss the details and advantages of dental implants with you.

Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

Transform in this Order


Step 1: Comprehensive Planning

The first step to achieving your new smile includes plenty of precise planning. During your personalized consultation, we will discuss your needs, goals, and alleviate any concerns you have. We will then begin to capture the data we need to achieve the results you desire. A series of scans and imaging will take place to help us determine your tooth replacement solutions. In many situations you may have to treat bone loss or gum disease in preparation for your implant surgery.
Together we’ll discuss all of your options from materials being used to financing available. We will also share before and after case studies from other Campbell Smile patients to make the vision a reality. If we decide that dental implants are for you, our Campbell, CA implant dentist completes precise surgical planning before your procedure (which is often your next visit) to ensure each implant is placed in the exact angle, depth, and location for the desired functional and visual outcome.


Step 2: Dental Implant Surgery

The day of the procedure will be like other visits to our facility. You’ll be able to check in to our front desk before being taken to your private suite. We offer sedation dentistry solutions to ensure you feel relaxed throughout your visit. Once you’re ready we’ll place the dental implants into their optimal locations in your jaw. Whether you need one arch or a full mouth of new teeth, this surgical phase can be completed in just one visit. In many situations, we can immediately place your temporary teeth which function and look just like natural teeth.


Step 3: Your Forever Smile

The tissue in your mouth will need a few months to recover after receiving implant surgery. During this time, each dental implant placed will firmly fuse with your jawbone. This strong bond is what makes dental implants the most stable and functional option for tooth replacement. After you have healed, you will return to our office to receive your final restorations.

At Campbell Smile, we offer the most natural-looking options in dentistry. We can match the look of natural teeth while offering durable and trustworthy function. At your final restoration, we will fit your custom-made bridge of new teeth to your dental implants permanently. You’ll leave our office confidently wearing a new smile that is designed to last.

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Paying for the Smile of Your Dreams

Our full mouth dental implants in Campbell, CA are one of the best investments you can make to improve your quality of life. Full arch dental implants won’t limit your lifestyle the way an empty smile has. Full mouth dental implants never look unnatural and give you the stability to eat and speak freely.

If the fear of the procedure doesn’t worry you, financial limitations shouldn’t either. You deserve the high-quality and life-changing transformation. Let our staff file claims to your dental insurance provider on your behalf. Since insurance companies offer limited coverage for dental implants, our team will work to get the most from your benefits. For the remainder, we partner with trusted financing companies that can break things into manageable monthly payments that make sense for your lifestyle. Let’s talk about the future of your smile and all the things you’ll achieve after your transformation.

New Smile, Better You.

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