Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Invisalign

When the topic of teeth straightening and correcting someone's smile is brought up, most people still think of the big clunky metal braces with wires and rubber bands in someone's mouth. Luckily with medical advancement, there are different options for people who are thinking about correcting and adjusting their teeth and smile. One of the most popular choices now is Invisalign. This option usually is never noticed by others when someone is wearing them because of the sleek and clean appearance that makes it practically invisible when placed on the teeth.

The clear braces difference

INVISALIGN® is an ‘invisible’ innovative brace design to aid the specialized dental practice known as orthodontics. The device works to treat and correct the condition known as malocclusion when teeth are not aligning as they ought, grow crooked, crowd or leave gaps between teeth, or have a misalignment of upper or lower jaws that bring over-bite or under-bite problems.

With Invisalign there are no wires, brackets, or elastic bands that are found with the traditional orthodontic braces that adolescents, at a stage of life where physical appearance matters, wear with much chagrin and reluctance because of the need to re-adjust the bands as they get tight, and find it difficult to eat normally or use toothbrush with ease.

With Invisalign braces, no one will know you are wearing braces as they are made of transparent, smooth plastic which patient can remove from the mouth for eating, brushing your teeth, or for certain activities. INVISALIGN® allows patient more control of the process of ‘setting things straight’ with their teeth.

To get as much information as you can when visiting your dentist or orthodontist about Invisalign, we have provided three questions to ask and begin the discussion of braces with your orthodontist.

Three great questions for your dental professional

1.  What is the cost of INVISALIGN® vs. traditional wire braces?

The cost of these braces can vary with each dentist, but the average price is between $3500 and $8,000. Some dentists do offer exclusive discounts
and if you have dental insurance check whether your plan covers these braces, as some do not.

The average cost of traditional wire braces: $5,000.

2.   Are INVISALIGN® braces the right option for my teeth?

INVISALIGN® is not always the option for all teeth correction.  Factors such as the treatment duration and extent of the misalignment of teeth are also
elements that your orthodontist will use as a guide to what type of braces will bring the best benefit for the patient and their needs.

3.   When would traditional braces be a better option?

In young children and teens who have yet to establish the necessary discipline of brushing teeth or understand the importance of correcting misaligned teeth, your orthodontist might recommend traditional braces to maintain consistent control.

The best option when trying to decide what braces are best for you is to talk to your dentist. They can help guide you in your decision making, as well as put you in contact with an orthodontist that can go into more detail. Never feel like you only have one option or have to give up on having a great smile. There are now many options for people in attaining their goals, including for the health and look of their mouth and teeth.

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