How do Dentists Treat Teeth Grinding?

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Do you grind your teeth? Though it’s a common condition, it’s also highly damaging. Find out how dentists treat teeth grinding, and solve this issue.

Everyone grinds their teeth from time to time whether it be intentional when annoyed or unintentionally when sleeping. But if a person grinds their teeth a lot, and particularly while they sleep, they can do serious damage. So how do dentists treat teeth grinding? Well, there more than a few ways that bruxism can be addressed and treated. Read more here as we go over each way.

How do dentists treat teeth grinding?


Medically, teeth grinding is known as bruxism. It's usually caused by feelings of stress and anxiety, and when it’s a chronic problem it often happens during sleep. Usually, teeth grinding is caused by a physical tooth problem, such as missing teeth or misaligned teeth. It has been said that people with certain sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, may also regularly grind their teeth.

A person may not always realize that they’re grinding their teeth, but dentists can tell if a person has this issue based on the amount of wear on the teeth. Also, one may wake up often with a sore jaw or a headache, a clear indication that they have been grinding in their sleep. Chronic teeth grinding isn’t just physically painful. It can also cause extensive damage to the mouth.

What it does

Continuous teeth grinding can lead to loosening and fracturing of teeth, and it can even lead to loss of teeth over time. Eventually, the teeth will be worn down to nothing if teeth grinding continues unchecked. It is why extremely important to consult with a dentist in order to have this problem addressed. One should also consider finding a way to manage their stress, which is usually the root cause of teeth grinding, or treat any sleep disorder that they may have if this is the cause.

Treating teeth grinding

The dentist can help someone repair teeth that have been affected and worn down by grinding. This may include using crowns, veneers or dental implants to repair and replace affected teeth. But repairs and teeth replacement address only the symptom of teeth grinding.

To prevent teeth grinding entirely and help one avoid any additional damage, a dentist may also suggest a splint or mouth guard. These devices are designed to prevent teeth grinding. They fit over the teeth, thus preventing the grinding.

However, the dentist may also recommend additional treatment depending on the severity of the grinding. The dentist might suggest that one speak with a therapist or counselor regarding the level of stress occurring, or speak with a physician about medication that can help reduce the stress. Reducing anxiety can go a long way toward resolving teeth grinding problems.

If the grinding is caused by misaligned teeth, the dentist can recommend a course of action to take to straighten the teeth. This may include wearing corrective orthodonture, such as braces. Dentists may also recommend taking a muscle relaxer before sleep as this allows the jaw to relax.

Talk to your dentist about teeth grinding, and find ways to get this problem treated before it causes extensive damage to your mouth.

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