Can General Dentists Perform Root Canal Therapy?

Root Canal Treatment Campbell, CA

Root canals have been occurring in many people for years and dentists have learned how to treat them over time. A root canal is an infected cavity in the pulp (or root area) of a tooth. They are typically extremely painful for a person and a root canal procedure or therapy is needed in order to treat them.

If a person is experiencing a root canal then they may be wondering who they can visit in order to have therapy or treatment done to relieve them of pain as well as rid of the pain. It’s important to know who to visit in order to have this treated immediately as if it goes untreated, it can be fatal.

Today, we will discuss whether or not your general dentist can perform your root canal therapy procedure, or if it’s best to visit another dental specialist to have this done.

Who performs root canal therapy?

General dentists

A general dentist or a family dentist is who a person visits for their regular dental checkups each year. They also can take care of common dental procedures such as dental fillings or crowns. A general dentist is typically equipped to do just about any common dental procedure but when surgery is involved they may be referred to a different type of specialist.

As far as root canal therapy, most general dentists are more than capable of performing these types of procedures. They go through extensive dental training in order to know how to treat root canals. Some dentist’s offices, however, may not have the necessary equipment to do a root canal. In this case, the general dentist would recommend the patient to a dental specialist who could perform the therapy.


If and when a general dentist is unable to perform root canal therapy, they typically recommend a patient to an endodontist or to another dental specialist. However, endodontists are trained specifically in the dental pulp area of a tooth which is exactly what root canals are.

Having an endodontist perform root canal therapy is not only a good idea but it may be the best idea because they are trained professionals who only focus on root canals and other areas of the roots of the tooth. They are capable and will always have the right equipment on hand to perform root canal therapy.


Root canal therapy can be scary for a lot of people whether it’s because of the possible pain or just the procedure in general. Knowing whether or not a person can visit their normal general dentist can be beneficial when someone is experiencing a root canal.

While general dentists are more than capable of treating root canals, it may be best to visit with an endodontist just to be sure. They are trained in the pulp area of the tooth which is where root canals live.

If you have more questions about root canals and treating them, then let us know today. We are happy to help in any way that we can, give us a call!

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