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Can Your Tooth Repair Itself?

Although futurists believe human teeth will one day be able to repair on their own with the use of stem cells, it is not currently possible for teeth to perform any sort of self-regeneration. The sad truth is if you have a cavity, you will have your dentist fill it as soon as possible. This is not to say five or 10 years down the line there will not be a drug that stimulates the teeth to remedy decay. However, at the present time, those who have teeth with decay or damage need to rely on dentists for restoration.

Why it is so difficult for teeth to heal on their own

The average person’s diet is rife with carbohydrates, sugar, starch and other threats to the teeth and gums. This is part of the reason why cavities are so common. Consider the fact that dogs and other animals rarely get cavities. These animals are not consuming the same highly processed, sugar-laden foods as humans. If people were to dramatically alter their diet, consume little or no artificial sugar, they might find that teeth rebound from decay or damage that much better. Currently, however, there is little evidence that teeth have the potential to heal on their own. In most cases, the assistance of an experienced dentist is necessary to beautify, rebuild or improve the functionality of teeth.

Teeth heal on their own … sort of

Some of those who work in the oral health industry like to argue teeth have the potential to heal without outside assistance. Although there is some truth to this statement on the surface, in reality, teeth rarely heal to a considerable extent on their own. There is something to be said for the fact that a limited amount of dental damage occurs before the problem is visible, however.

Saliva plays an important role in combating and reducing damage. Saliva is beneficial in that it has phosphate and calcium that naturally clean and heal the teeth. Saliva also washes away harmful acid that coats the teeth after indulging in treats like sodas, juices, energy drinks fruit and candy.

The extent of self-repair

Teeth can repair on their own to a limited extent. Consider the fact that tooth enamel is made up of 90 percent minerals. This enamel lacks cells and proteins. Cells are necessary to launch the healing process. The base of the teeth have roots where there are cells that allow for some level of repair, yet this repair does not occur up toward the crown area of the tooth. This means a considerable portion of the surface area of the teeth is left vulnerable to the surrounding environment. Anything from a hot or cold drink to the air one breathes can impact sensitive and decayed teeth. If you have concerns about the state of your teeth’s health, make an appointment at our office today.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Campbell Smile, request an appointment in our Campbell dental office here: . Or call us at (408) 379-0851.

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