3 Reasons To Try Digital Dentistry

With the invention of digital dentistry, a patient who enters into the modern 21st-century dental office will no longer ‘suffer’ from the pokes of sharp dental instruments, have to keep one’s mouth open for what seems like ‘forever.’ With digital dentistry, all surfaces of those thirty-two adult teeth are x-rayed, and may never have to see and hear that ‘dreaded drill’ sound that bores through one’s beautiful enamel and does work on different issues and areas in the mouth.

When you walk into a digital dental office, you probably will not be greeted by R2D2, nor will your dentist look like Luke Skywalker. However, you will experience a new way of combatting tooth decay, malocclusion, completing fillings of tooth cracks and gaps, and many other perks and enhancements from the typical dentist office! Imagine dentistry that can be achieved with beams of laser lights rather than the drill. Below are some of the upgrades and perks of choosing digital dentistry for your next appointment.

Top 3 reasons to pick Digital Dentistry

Reason Number 1

With digital dentistry, the wait time for appointments to see the dentist is significantly less due to the ease in setting up a date and time, and because the dentist can see more patients, thanks to the speed and accuracy of his or her installed office technology.  Imagine complex procedures that once took two or three visits to complete, now completed in one office visit! The computerization of the dental office has almost eliminated paper charts allowing for ease of booking and managing appointments and viewing past patients history.

Non-emergency appointments can be completed with an online form on the dentist’s website, 24-hours a day! Now there are no more excuses for delaying dental appointments!

Reason Number 2

A quicker understanding of your dental malady with digital dentistry part of a dental office. Digital radiography (x-rays) generates a clear and sharp image to that shows directly on a computer screen that the dentist can review with the patient and find out their dental needs. There is also the cone-beam computed tomography, or what is a type of dental cat scan that provides a 3-D view of mouth, jaw, teeth, and nerves. This is completed using a camera that rotates around the patient’s head and eliminates the pain of holding the mouth open for what can seem like an eternity when sitting in the dental chair.

With digital dentistry, dental lasers can discover dental decay that the natural eye could miss, which means a small cavity does not become an expensive issue later down the road! Can gum disease be resolved without scalpel or sutures?  Yes, drilling, scraping, and sutures will become obsolete in dentists offices. However, by patients using this technology, there is a lower possibility of any issues being missed and popping up later after it's too late only to fix the problem.

Reason Number 3

Last, but not the least, the top reason so many people avoid a trip to the dentist: the cost of treatments! Digital dentistry reduces the cost of dental procedures because of the efficiency and speed of diagnosing and treating the patient with up-to-date in-office CAD/CAM technology without having to use an outside dental lab. It is a one-stop service for what ails the mouth, teeth, and gums!

Still have questions about Digital Dentistry?

If you are still unsure about digital dentistry or have more questions, never hesitate to contact our office. Our staff is trained and informed on how to explain this option of dentistry, and can help in expounding on how it can save you time and help your oral health more than the typical dentist!

Request an appointment in our Campbell dentist office here: https://www.campbellsmile.com.

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